Saturday, May 1, 2010

Message Behind The Art

Sometimes, when I send Delwin to his art class, I will catch sometimes to chat with his teacher. Mr. Teng (the professional artist) always say that Delwin is lucky to be born in this family where we can accept art as something valuable. For me and hubby, we see things very differently. We find that Delwin is really gifted in art. We do not want to kill his gifted talent. What he need now is a professional person to guide him in his art. Honestly, it is not easy to guide him either. You do not know when he will listen to you and when he will pay attention to what you say. But, somehow later he will able to deliver what we had once told him before.
For Delwin arts or drawing, most of the times there are messages behind. Mr. Teng always like to find out his messages behind the arts. Then, he will share it with us. We in the family love to see his art too. It is still a kids drawing but sometimes when we looked at certain of his artwork ......... phew! don't think me and hubby can do it. So, parents if you kids draw - don't just throw away the paper when he finish drawing. Try to look at it. Maybe you can see a message behind it. Dear parents, if you kids do have gifted talent do not kill it. At least give them some support. By doing this, you might not realise you help them to grow too.
By : Erina Law

Friday, April 16, 2010

My Animals

Where is the bear? The only thing can see are the footprint
Toys for the tot(toddles)


My treasure map. Anyone want?

Monday, April 5, 2010

I Draw In My School Exercise Book

I loved to draw so much until I will draw in my school exercise books. Mummy and my "yeye" (mum's sister) always have to buy me new exercise books.

Giraffe and elephant

Zoo logo

Dinasour eating grass

Even a bird can be a chef
Old King Cole and his castle

Old King Cole

Scary Monster

Cow eating grass

Woohoo Bus...........

Friday, April 2, 2010

School Again

My School

Delwin goes to SK St Xavier Branch, Brother James Road. Guess he is starting to like his school more than his Kindergarten. Don't ask mummy why. Whenever we ask him which school he wants to go, the answer will be St Xavier. His favourite teacher is his English teacher, Mr. Chuah. You can see from the drawing above where he only draw his English teacher.

Good Day

Good sunny day!

Pink Panther?

Alwin & The Chipmunks

The Wild

Know what is this?

Chicken family happily welcoming the new member. (see the chics hatched from the eggs?)

Learn about the animals

Owls activities